Mapping Kant's Architectonic onto the Yijing Via the Geometry of Logic


STEPHEN R. PALMQUIST, Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University. Specialties: Kant studies, philosophy of religion, logic of symbolism. E-mail:


Both Kant's architectonic and the Yijing can be structured as four perspectival levels: 0 + 4 + 12 + (4 × 12) = 64. The first, unknowable level is unrepresentable. The geometry of logic provides well-structured maps for levels two to four. Level two consists of four basic gua (2, 64, 63, 1), corresponding to Kant's category-headings (quantity, quality, relation, modality). Level three's twelve gua, derived logically from the initial four, correspond to Kant's twelve categories. Level four correlates the remaining 48 gua (in twelve sets of four) to Kant's theory of the four university faculties (philosophy, theology, law, medicine), and to four categorially organized (twelvefold) domains comprising his philosophical system.