Revamping Teaching and Learning Programming and Honoring Owen Fennema


At this year's IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago on July 14, the first Fennema Lectureship and Workshop will occur as a part of revamped and reinvigorated programming oriented toward educational improvement. Dr. Clyde “Kipp” Herreid, Distinguished Teaching Professor and Academic Director of the University Honors Program at the State Univ. of New York Buffalo, and the Director of the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, will be the inaugural speaker and workshop leader for the Owen Fennema Lectureship and Workshop. Dr. Herreid is a nationally recognized leader in case study teaching and has published extensively on the topic. The lecture will address the fundamentals and strengths of using case studies in science teaching, the construction of case study activities as well as comparing and contrasting the different delivery formats for case studies, problem based learning, and other student centered active learning teaching methodologies. The workshop later in the day will continue the theme, focusing on the construction of a lecture course case study activity and participation in a case study activity and a debrief to learn the student's view.

In this issue, Jim Bird has again provided us with a list of publications that we will find of great interest. Coorey and Firth's article, “Integrated Contextual Learning and Food Science Students’ Perception of Work Readiness” describes efforts to integrate activities that provide for “workplace readiness” into the curriculum. This should be of carefully read by any program that is struggling to provide intern placements for their students. Also in this issue is “Development, Dissemination, and Preimplementation Evaluation of Food Safety Educational Materials for Secondary Education” by Shearer and others. This article provides materials and evaluation of implementing food safety and microbiology across the secondary school education.

I look forward to seeing you at Fennema Lectureship and Workshop as well as the JFSE session in the Education SPA in Chicago.

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