The aim of this study was to describe student learning after completing an experiential learning task that was designed to develop students’ knowledge of food and food preparation methods. The task required students to follow a special diet and then complete a daily online journal entry about the experience for other students to read and review. Twenty-five Masters level Nutrition and Dietetics students participated in individual semistructured interviews to evaluate the experiential learning activity. Interview transcripts were analyzed thematically using a constant comparative approach. Students perceived that the experiential learning activity successfully increased their understanding of the special diet they had been allocated, but learning from reviewing other students’ journal posts was less effective. They also felt better able to relate to the challenges facing future patients when receiving prescribed diets. The level of engagement and enjoyment resulting from the activity was more variable with some students finding the challenge of the activity a burden despite reporting good learning outcomes. Further evaluation of this approach to nutrition education in other areas is warranted.