Don't Break Her Heart: Cardiac Telemetry for the Pregnant and Postpartum Patient


Paper Presentation

Purpose for the Program

When pregnant or postpartum patients are in need of telemetry monitoring, they often are separated from their newborns, or require the use of two nurses to attend to them because the units for perinatal services do not have telemetry access. As more patients with preexisting diseases become pregnant, this situation will only become more frequent.

Proposed Change

This nurse-driven change involves the use of remote telemetry to monitor the obstetric patient. Communication standards and co-nursing management plans were developed to enable this change.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

Policy and procedures were developed based on a shared governance model of care. Outcomes have resulted in maintaining the postpartum mother–baby dyad and accomplishing remote telemetry for cardiac assessment.

Implications for Nursing Practice

This program allows for seamless maternal–newborn care. In addition, staff are engaged in collegial relationships and co-management situations that were not available to them in the past.