• scripting;
  • best practice;
  • outcome;
  • customer service;
  • finance

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Purpose for the Program

Every mother–baby unit must strive to provide excellent patient care, including excellent customer service. Unfortunately, patients can present with unrealistic expectations of hospitalization after giving birth to the infant. Nurses are challenged to deal with patient requests and demands, which may not be aligned with current best practices or be fiscally responsible (e.g., “I want my infant in the nursery so I can sleep,” “I'm going to breastfeed, but not until I get home,” or “I need two packs of wipes and another pack of diapers for my baby”). If not dealt with appropriately, patient satisfaction scores can suffer, mothers can be ill prepared to care for their infants at home, and/or finances can be negatively affected.

Proposed Change

To train nurses to educate and inform patients while utilizing scripting tools and customer service tips.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

This first step included a review of patient satisfaction scores, core measures, and budget. A focus group was assembled to address each issue and propose scripting tools to address areas of concern. Scripts were written and shared with staff. Over time, the unit saw an increase in patient satisfaction scores and exclusive breastfeeding, and a significant reduction in supply cost.

Implications for Nursing Practice

When provided with scripting tools, nurses can provide excellent patient care and excellent customer service while maintaining budget.