• Baby Friendly;
  • face-to-face reporting;
  • skin-to-skin;
  • rooming-in;
  • patient satisfaction;
  • breast feeding

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Purpose for the Program

Where Families Begin is a program being implemented in order for Women and Infants Hospital (WIH) to be certified Baby Friendly. In moving toward this designation WIH recognized that cultural changes needed to be made. Because the birth experience and postpartum approach to the care of all obstetric patients needed to be addressed, a three-part plan was developed.

Proposed Change

The initiative fell into the following three easily identifiable areas of change opportunities:

  • Face-to-face reporting: All information regarding the patient and her newborn were to take place in the mother's presence and in her room. This exchange would provide the mother with valuable information about her and her infant's health. This process allows for improved patient safety by encouraging her to ask questions and correct misinformation.
  • Skin-to-skin care: The mother and infant will maintain skin-to-skin contact throughout the transfer from the labor and delivery room (LDR) to the postpartum room. This initiative improves temperature stability, glucose control, pain relief, bonding, and breastfeeding success for the infant.
  • Rooming-in couplet care: Quality of care is enhanced when mothers, partners, and infants are not separated. This allows families to learn about their new infant while they become more experienced and comfortable with their infant's cues.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

To facilitate this change, weekly meetings were held with all staff on the mother–baby and LDR areas. Each nurse received re-education and training called “Off to the Best Start,” which focused on the three areas of change. Additional lactation education was provided and the staff began their transition to a new model of care.

Our patient satisfaction outcomes, measured by Press Ganey showed a slight improvement once our implementation began and the staff increased their level of competency with the new model. Increasing breastfeeding rates is also an initiative of this program and also showed a positive increase.

Implications for Nursing Practice

We are incredibly pleased with the enthusiasm of our staff and the ability of so many people to come together to plan, cross-train, and educate our staff and inform our patients. It was a monumental task, but as a leading maternity hospital in New England, it is important that we are on the cutting edge of care by incorporating best practice as our standard of care.