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Purifying and Concentrating Genomic DNA from Mock Forensic Samples Using Millipore Amicon Filters


  • Alex Garvin is a paid consultant to Millipore Corporation, the maker of the Amicon filters used for the current study.

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Regenerated cellulose filters are used for concentrating and purifying genomic DNA from casework samples, due to the high yields and low retentate volumes that these filters provide. The Millipore Ultracel YM-100 is an example of this filter type and has been available to the forensics community for this application since 1990. In 2002, Millipore introduced the Amicon line of vertical filters that provide a larger area for filtration and have a dead space to prevent spinning to dryness. In the present study, Amicon filters were optimized in terms of g force and spin times for their ability to concentrate and purify genomic DNA. The Amicon Ultra 0.5 mL 30 K was used with mock forensic samples containing as little as 160 buccal cells, 20 nL of blood, or 8 nL of semen. In conclusion, the Amicon line of filters can be used to purify genomic DNA from small numbers of cells.