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Stature Estimation from Various Foot Dimensions Among Slovak Population


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Petra Uhrová, M.Sc.

Department of Anthropology

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Comenius University

Mlynská Dolina

Bratislava, 84215

Slovak Republic



The foot measurements are important in forensic field as they can be used as body height predictors for an individual. The morphology of human feet shows the variations and therefore the aim of this study was to find the relation between stature and foot measurements and to generate population-specific equations. We measured the stature and bilateral foot measurements of 71 volunteers ranging in age between 18 and 27 years using standard measurements technique. The results revealed nonsignificant bilateral differences in all sex groups (< 0.05). Sex differences were found to be significant in all foot measurements (< 0.001). The highest significant and positive correlation coefficients with stature were observed for foot length in males (r = 0.759), in females (r = 0.722), and in the sex-mixed group (r = 0.865). According to the nonsignificant sex effects on the relation between stature and foot dimensions, the regression equations were computed only for the pooled mixed-sex group. Our study provides equations that can help to estimate stature from foot measurements among Slovaks.