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Fig. S1. Amplification of Boty (A) and Flipper (B) transposon elements by PCR according to Rigotti et al. (2006) of three representative B. cinerea isolates (Bc1, Bc5, and Bc13).

Fig. S2. Karyotype of indigenous yeast Sc49 and Sc81 (A) and the commercial strain EC1118 (B) anlyzed by PFGE.

Fig. S3. Ethanol production of seven S. cerevisiae strains isolated from withered grapes and the commercial strain EC1118 measured during the fermentation of Garganega grape juice.

Fig. S4. Correspondence analysis bi-plot of Amarone wines produced by indigenous yeasts Sc24, and Sc77 and the commercial strain EC1118.

Table S1. Composition of four Recioto di Soave wines produced with healthy (H) and botrytized (B) grapes, and fermented with Sc77 and EC1118 yeasts.

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