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Fig. S1. Physiochemical parameters of seawater measured (a) in situ at the sampling stations, (b) in the lab. The sampling during August and November 2006 covered only 4 typical stations (J1, J4, S4, and T2).

Fig. S2. Density of bacteria-like particles in seawater as determined on the basis of the counting of DAPI-stained cells captured on 0.2 µm pore-sized filter membranes.

Fig. S3. Phylogenetic affiliation and distribution of sequences of three clone libraries constructed from typical samples from Singapore waters.

Table S1. Closest affiliates of the cloned 16S rRNA sequences.

Table S2. In silico digestion (RsaI) of the cloned 16S rRNA sequences.

Table S3. Number of bacterial OTUs detected for PCR-amplified 16S rRNA genes by PhyloChip in major classes.

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