fem12067-sup-0001-TableS1.docxWord document15KTable S1. Pet dogs taking part in the study.
fem12067-sup-0002-TableS2.docxWord document53KTable S2. Bacterial genera in fecal samples from lean and obese pet dogs identified using 16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing.
fem12067-sup-0003-TableS3.docxWord document33KTable S3. Bacterial genera in fecal samples from research colony Beagles fed restrictively (N = 4) or ad libitum (N = 5) at baseline (t0), after 3 months (t3), and 6 months (t6) analyzed using 16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing including the results of the statistical evaluation of the influence of the feeding regimen using a general linear model for repeated measures.

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