fem12068-sup-0001-FigS1a.jpgimage/jpg187KFig. S1. Rank-abundance curves for Bacteria (Fig. S1a) and Archaea (Fig. S1b) by lake and layer. Llbr: Lake Llebreta, Llng: Lake Llong, RAT: Lake Redo d'Aigúestortes. N: neuston. UW: plankton from underlying waters. Nv: November. Spt: September.
fem12068-sup-0003-TableS1-S3.docxWord document77K

Table S1. Diversity indices for bacterial communities.

Table S2. Diversity indices for archaeal communities.

Table S3. Enumeration of OTUs from the neuston (N) in September that were present in the plankton community of the underlying water (UW) in September or the N or UW in November.

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