fem12073-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF3552KFig. S1. Cross-section through the Romanche Fracture Zone (down to 4500 m depth) showing the horizontal and vertical variation of the prokaryotic dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) fixation rates (μmol C m−3 days−1). Dots indicate positions where the respective parameter was measured.
fem12073-sup-0002-FigS2.pdfapplication/PDF120KFig. S2. Depth profiles of mean abundances of archaeal amoA genes obtained with two different primer sets (Table 2), 16S rRNA gene abundance of marine Thaumarchaeota and accA-like genes determined by Q-PCR. Dashed lines delineate the water mass sampled, see Table 1.
fem12073-sup-0003-TableS1.pdfapplication/PDF166KTable S1. Mean ± SD of raw (not normalized) gene abundances obtained with the different primers (Table 2) and their mean ± SD of Ct values calculated for 103 samples (in triplicate reactions) along a depth profile (Table 1).
fem12073-sup-0004-TableS2.pdfapplication/PDF50KTable S2. Mean ± SD of nucleic acid concentrations of 103 samples extracted along the Romanche fracture zone throughout the pelagic realm (100–7500 m).
fem12073-sup-0005-DataS1.docxWord document107KData S1. Supplementary methods.

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