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Fig. S1. Picture of the study plot during methane emission measurements.

Table S1. Overview of microarray probes selected for statistical analysis

Table S2. Parameter estimates from the geostatistical model.

Table S3. Braun-Blanquet vegetation maps of the plant communities at the study site.

Table S4. Analysis of variance or Kruskal–Wallis rank sum test of soil variables of soil variables, methane oxidation rates, and MOB community parameters between different sampling scales.

Table S5. Spearman correlation between environmental variables, methane oxidation rates and selected microarray probes.

fem12091-sup-0002-FigS2.pdfapplication/PDF365KFig. S2. Relative abundances of methanotrophs as detected by the pmoA-specific microarray (Bodrossy et al., 2003) at three different sampling scales.

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