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Fig. S1. (a) Dynamics of 14C-phenol degradation and assimilation of 14C-atoms (radioactivity) into the microbial biomass.

Fig. S2. Normalized abundance of additional clones with positive signal on the CIArray in the density-resolved DNA fractions prepared from sample incubated with a total of 330 mg L−1 of 12C-phenol (shown in blue) and 13C-phenol (shown in red).

Fig. S3. Phylogenetic tree showing the affiliation of the unclassified gammaproteobacterial OTUs LE05 and LE12 (see Table S4).

Table S1. Reactor influent composition, operational parameters and dominant phenol-degrading bacteria as determined by Sueoka et al. (2009) and in this study.

Table S2. Best Blast Hits (BBH) and taxonomic assignment of the partial fosmid clone sequences.

Table S3. Fosmid-clone-specific primers.

Table S4 Summary of the 16S rRNA gene clone library data (partial sequences of 700 bp were generated using the 27F primer).

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