• angucyclines;
  • antibiotics;
  • polyketides;
  • promoter;
  • S1-nuclease mapping;
  • transcription


Three regulators, Aur1P, Aur1R and a SARP-family Aur1PR3, have been previously found to control expression of the aur1 cluster for the angucycline antibiotic auricin in Streptomyces aureofaciens CCM 3239. Here, we describe an additional regulatory gene, aur1PR4, encoding a homologue from the SARP-family regulators. Its role in auricin regulation was confirmed by its disruption that dramatically affected auricin production. However, transcription from the aur1Ap promoter, directing expression of 22 auricin biosynthetic genes, was not substantially affected in the Δaur1PR4 mutant. A new promoter, sa13p, directing transcription of four putative auricin tailoring genes, was found to be dependent on aur1PR4. Moreover, analysis of the sa13p promoter region revealed the presence of three heptameric repeat sequences corresponding to putative SARP-binding sites. Expression of aur1PR4 is directed by a single promoter, aur1PR4p, which is induced after entry into stationary phase. Transcription from aur1PR4p was absent in a S. aureofaciens Δaur1P mutant strain, and Aur1P was shown to bind specifically to the aur1PR4p promoter. These results indicate a complex network of regulation of the auricin gene cluster. Both Aur1P and Aur1PR3 are involved in regulation of the core aur1A-U biosynthetic genes, and Aur1PR4 in regulation of putative auricin tailoring genes.