fml12230-sup-0001-FigS1.tifimage/tif1484KFig. S1. Growth inhibition assays assessing the susceptibility of WT H37Rv, ΔpknF and ΔRv1747 strains to a range of drug and stress reagents.
fml12230-sup-0002-FigS2.tifimage/tif8443KFig. S2. β-Galactosidase assays on the pknF promoter-lacZ strain and pEJ414 control strain in Mycobacterium tuberculosis after a panel of treatments.
fml12230-sup-0003-FigS3.tifimage/tif25513KFig. S3. Transmission electron micrographs of Mycobacterium tuberculosis comparing cell wall structure in (a) WT H37Rv, ΔRv1747 and Rv1747 complement strains, and (b) WT H37Rv, ΔpknF and pknF complement strains.
fml12230-sup-0004-FigS4.tifimage/tif6342KFig. S4. Mycobacterium tuberculosis whole cell ELISAs comparing the levels of ManLAM in H37Rv WT, ΔRv1747 and Rv1747 complement strains.
fml12230-sup-0005-MaterialsandMethods.docxWord document20KAppendix S1. Supplementary Materials and methods

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