fml12246-sup-0001-DataS1.fastext/fas41KData S1. DprE1 sequences multialignment (Multialignment of 73 DprE1 amino acid sequences used in this work).
fml12246-sup-0002-DataS2.pdfapplication/PDF12KData S2. Phylogenetic tree of DprE1 chimeric sequences (Phylogenetic tree constructed with both the original DprE1 sequences and the chimeric DprE1 sequences).
fml12246-sup-0003-DataS3.fastatext/fas371KData S3. Concatenated sequences multialignment (Multialignment of the concatenated amino acid sequences of nine housekeeping genes of 46 Mycobacterium strains).
fml12246-sup-0004-DataS4.pdfapplication/PDF113KData S4. Phylogenetic tree of the 16S rRNA gene, Hsp65 and RpoB sequences of 46 Mycobacterium strains (Description of data: Neighbor-Joining (NJ) phylogenetic trees were obtained with Mega5 (Tamura et al., 2011), pairwise deletion option and 1000 bootstraps replicates. Phylogenetic trees were constructed using: (a) the complete 16S rRNA gene sequences; (b) the amino acid sequences coded by fragments of Hsp65 (Telenti et al., 1993); (c) RpoB (Adékambi et al., 2003) proteins of 46 Mycobacterium strains whose genome was present in the database).

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