In 2013 I have accepted the challenge of becoming the new Chief Editor for FEMS Microbiology Reviews. This was not an easy decision since the commitment to this task will be immense, but the reward of contributing to the success of such a journal will be worth the effort.

As a microbiologist, I have always valued the journal content and published there several reviews of which I have always been proud.

Microbiology is a vast field, fast moving and ever increasing in its complexity and the variety of its research fields. The genomic era is at its pinnacle while analysis and interpretation of the data is only commencing. New methodologies are emerging to look accurately and in depth into the molecular mechanistic details of a single cell or to understand the impact of microbial life on the fate of humanity and the planet. In brief, so many topics and so little time.

With our team of specialist editors, our objective is to take the journal among the ‘must read’ and one should say that the competition is considerable. This is a task that Dieter Haas, the previous Chief Editor, was committed to and I will endeavor to do him justice in trying to pursue his efforts in that direction. The success should be based on the timely choice of original topics written by outstanding scientists that everyone would like to meet and read but also by young rising stars who will give their critical opinion on the most exciting aspects of our research.

We are all ready to put our energy in making the journal always better, attractive and pleasant to read.

I wish you all a good time in the company of our journal and in enjoying the diversity of the microbial life.