Racamier's ‘On narcissistic perversion’


  • Paul-Claude Racamier first presented these ideas on narcissistic perversion at a lecture in 1985 to the International Family Therapy Congress. The second section, on perverse thought, was presented publicly as a lecture six years later, to the same professional organization. Racamier subsequently combined the two contributions to form chapters IX and X of his book, Le Génie des Origines (1992) [The Spirit of Origins]. The same two chapters made up of the 1985 and 1991 lectures (Chapters IX and X of Le Génie des Origines) have been reissued and published independently as a book, Les Perversions Narcissiques [Narcissistic Perversions]. The text translated here and on part of which I will comment is a shortened version of these combined lectures with additional notes by their editor, Paul Denis.