Oral Programme

Monday, 2 September 2013

Keynote Address – Workforce Reforms

Dr Rosalie Boyce, Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland

How We as Dietitians Can Add Value

Chai Chuah, National Director, National Health Board

The Elite Sports Environment

Jeni Pearce, Nutrition Lead, High Performance Sport New Zealand

Concurrent Session 1

Symposia Organisational Change Management

Organisational reviews of healthcare services and organisation specific solutions

Dr Rosalie Boyce, Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland

Organisational change – New Zealand examples

Sandy Clemett, Allied Health Change Architect, Canterbury DHB

Changes and Challenges – a career pathway so far

Kate Sladden, Planning & Funding Manager – Health of Older People, Auckland DHB

Workshop How to Write for PEN

Symposia an Overview of the Asian and MELAA Population and Health Status and Responsiveness to Cultural Diversity

Culturally and linguistically diverse courses and resources

Sue Lim, Asian Support Services, Waitemata DHB

Asian Health Needs Assessment and Middle Eastern Latin American and African Health Needs Assessment with population and health statistics

Dr Annette Mortensen, Northern Regional Alliance

Concurrent Session 2

Free Papers Teaching and Education

Clinical Volunteering – providing positive outcomes for DHBs

Kaye Dennison, Waitemata DHB

Evaluation of the Food and Nutrition Guidelines

Louise McIntyre, Nutrition and Physical Activity Team, Ministry of Health

Using simulation-based learning to enhance professional skills training and assessment of dietetic students: The Massey University experience

Reena Soniassy, Nutrition and Dietetics, College of Health, Massey University

Do we make a difference? Reported behaviour change post nutrition education in the inpatient setting.

Hazel Oxford, Nutrition and Foodservices, Waitemata DHB

Seniors Eating Well – nutrition education course for community-living older people

Sally Watson, Older Persons Health Specialist Service, Canterbury DHB

Workshop: How to Write for PEN

Workshop: How to Complete a Patient Guided – Subjective Global Assessment (PG-SGA)

Convened by Eirean Gamble, Waitemata DHB

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Keynote address – Leadership Boot Camp

Dr Sylvia Escott-Stump, East Carolina University, USA

Food Security

Diane Robertson, Auckland City Mission

Concurrent Session 3

Symposia Older Adults & Dementia

An overview of the National Dementia Cooperative and progress to date

Dr Chris Perkins, Chair of the NZ Dementia Cooperative, Director of The Selwyn Centre for Ageing and Spirituality

NZ Dementia Care Pathway Framework, its development and nutrition related components

Gaye Philpott, Dietitian and member of National Dementia Cooperative Dementia Care Pathway action group

Dementia Research Action Group – Summary of the groups work as part of the National Dementia Cooperative from a Dietitians Perspective

Sarah Ley, Dietitian and member of National Dementia Cooperative research Action Group

Medication use in dementia: ‘Can't you just give them something?’

Ariel Hubbert, Pharmacist, Waitemata DHB

Tour Sky City Foodservice

Concurrent Session 4

Symposia Nutrigenomics

Nutrition genetics – What is the way forward

Dr Sylvia Escott-Stump, East Carolina University, USA

Gene-diet interactions in the development of chronic disease

Professor Lynn Ferguson, University of Auckland

Inconclusive trial results? It could be in the genes

Dr Pam von Hurst, Massey University

Symposia Foodservice

For want of a straw: Nutrition and disabled people in hospital

Samantha Dalwood, Disability Advisor Auckland & Waitemata DHBs

Knowledge of café and restaurant managers to provide a safe meal to food allergic consumers

Carol Wham, College of Health, Massey University

Hospital food waste: a qualitative study of food production and pre-consumption food waste

Sarah Goonan, Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago

Symposia Gastroenterology

Using a person-centred, “MindBody” approach for managing food intolerances and IBS

Sharon Carey, Clinical Dietitian – Adult Immunology/Allergy, Auckland DHB

A reduction in FODMAP intake correlates strongly with a reduction in IBS symptoms – The FIBS study.

Ruth Harvie, Nutrition Department, Dunedin Hospital, Southern DHB

Concurrent Session 5

Free Papers Clinical Dietetics

Vitamin D Prescribing: An Audit of Prescribing Practice at Auckland City Hospital

Kathryn McQuillan, Nutrition Services, Auckland DHB

Normalised Eating in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Garalynne Binford, Regional Eating Disorders Service, Auckland DHB

Impact of early nutrition supplementation in patients with fractured neck of femur

Akshay Bhai, Nutrition Services, Auckland DHB

Female adolescent ballet dancers: Anthropometric characteristics and macronutrient intakes – A cross-sectional study

Kathryn Beck, Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health, Massey University

The EFFECT-SAH pilot study: Enteral Feeding and Fluid Effect as a Controlled Trial in Sub-Arachnoid Haemorrhage patients

Varsha Asrani, Department of Nutrition, Auckland City Hospital

Workshop Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dietitians

Convened by Franica Yovich, North Shore Hospital

Workshop Food Intolerances

Convened by Wendy Stuart-Smith, Lecturer, Clinical Educator Nutrition and Metabolism, University of Sydney and Anna Richards, NZ Registered Dietitian, Auckland

Wednesday 4 September

Keynote address – Social Media

Emma Stirling, Australian Practising Dietitian, Melbourne, Australia

Concurrent Session 6

Free Papers Diabetes and Weight Management

Cost effective weight management clinics in primary care

Kristen Clarke, Auckland District Health Board

Lowering Postprandial Glycaemia with a Rice-mix in Asian People with Type II Diabetes

Zhoushi Zhang, Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago

Meta-analyses of the effect of dietary sugars intake on blood pressure and blood lipids

Alex Howatson and Rhiannon Jones, Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago

The effectiveness of Hypoglycaemia Packs versus conventional treatment for mild-to-moderate hypoglycaemia in a medical ward at Middlemore Hospital: A pilot study

Elaine Chong, Nutrition & Dietetics, Middlemore Hospital

Free Papers Technology

“Kai-culator”, web-based dietary assessment programme: Current status and future development

Liz Fleming, Department of Human Nutrition Dietary Assessment Software Group, University of Otago

A single point of request (SPOR) publically funded dietitian services in Christchurch

Sally Watson, Canterbury Initiative, Canterbury DHB

The use of smartphone diet apps among sports dietitians: A survey in five countries

Michelle Jospe, Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago

Dining in with robots

Dr Kathy Peri, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland and Clinical Nurse Director, Health of Older People, Counties Manukau Health

Concurrent Session 7

Symposia Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Consumer food and health trends

Jessica Burke, Trend and Innovation Consultant, Mintel

Food Labelling Crack Down! What you and your patients need to know about the new health claims standards

Hannah Cullinane, Nutritionist, Heinz Watties, Auckland

Symposia Nutrition Science

WHO recommendations on Sugar

Professor Jim Mann, Human Nutrition and Medicine, Otago University

Fats' and health – An update on the evidence and what we should be recommending

Dr Alex Chisholm, Human Nutrition, Otago University

Closing Keynote Speaker – Innovation Opportunities for New Zealand Dietitians

Dr Frances Guyett, CEO, NZ Health Innovation Hub