Taxonomic review of Mycetophagidae Leach (Coleoptera: Tenebrionoidea) in Korea with their host fungi



Hae Chul Park, Applied Entomology Division, Department of Agricultural Biology, National Academy of Agricultural Science, Suwon 441-100, Korea. Email:


A taxonomic review of the fungivorous Korean Mycetophagidae is presented. Nine species in four genera belonging to two tribes are presented in Korea. Four species, Eulagius ussuriensis Nikitsky, Litargus japonicus Reitter, Mycetophagus irroratus (Reitter), and Mycetophagus pustulosus (Reitter), are newly recorded in Korea. Most species are associated with the fruiting bodies of higher fungi, fungus-grown bark, and mold contaminated materials. In addition, we provide information on host-fungi records of Korean mycetophagid species.