New Author Guidelines Launched


March is known to come “in like a lion and out like a lamb.” Our Panthera leo entrance into the month brings some changes to the Journal of Food Science. Previously I discussed changes in our editorial policies and now it is time to announce some of our new and improved features for 2013.

In the past the author guidelines for the three journals were combined. We have created separate guidelines so you can quickly get the information you need to publish in the Journal of Food Science, the Journal of Food Science Education, or Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety.

We have also improved the ability to navigate in the HTML and PDF versions of the guides by adding quicklinks and bookmarks to take you directly to the topics you need.

The Authors Corner on has been updated with improved organization of resources and a ScholarOne button to allow you direct access to your Author Center. The downloadable manuscript template was also updated with the most current guidance, especially for new authors.

There are also a few changes to the material required when submitting your manuscript to the Journal of Food Science. Following suite with other journals and recommended best practices, we have added a section on Author Contributions. In this section you will indicate the precise contribution of each author so that individual efforts are clearly stated.

A new addition that I am especially excited about is the Feature Article. We will have the option each issue to draw attention to outstanding work by making it a Feature Article. This includes special designation in the journal and the cover artwork. When you submit your article, there will be a section where you are asked if you want your article considered as a Featured Article. If you check that box, the editors will keep that in mind as your manuscript moves through the review process. After acceptance, if your manuscript is selected to be the Featured Article, you will be contacted about developing an image that captures the essence of your work so that it is easily understood when viewing the cover. Say you determined that XYZ berry has tremendous anti-cancer properties and you isolated the compound and proved its efficacy in a cell culture and a mouse model. I can see a collage of images showing the berry, molecular structure, ill and well mice….. You get the picture, something that would look nice on the wall of your office.

Finally, we have added a feature that should be beneficial to manuscripts that no longer fit the Aim and Scope of the Journal of Food Science. The editors may choose to give authors of quality papers that cannot be accepted to JFS a “reject-and-refer” decision, offering authors the chance to transfer their article to the new Wiley Open Access journal, Food Science and Nutrition, edited by Y. Martin Lo. If the author chooses to pursue the transfer, the submission data, files, and any related reviews will be automatically sent for consideration by the FS&N editorial board, reducing the time and effort of redundant submission and review. Referees will remain anonymous when their reviews are transferred with a paper.

In exiting like Ovis aries, we want to make clear that our goals are always to 1) attract the best manuscripts and 2) treat authors with fairness and respect. We look forward to our first generation of Featured Articles.