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Evaluation of Allium and its Seasoning on Toxigenic, Nutritional, and Sensorial Profiles of Groundnut Oil



Mitigation of xerophilic storage fungi-associated aflatoxin threat in culinary oil will be a new technology advantage to food industries. Groundnut oil isolate Aspergillus flavus MTCC 10680 susceptibility to Allium species (A. sativum L., A. cepa L., and A. cepa var. aggregatum) extracts, composition, and in silico confirmation of extract's phytoconstituent aflatoxin synthesis inhibition were determined. The behavior of seasoning carrier medium groundnut oil in the presence of Allium was also determined. All the Allium species extracts exhibited concentration dependent in vitro inhibition on mycelial biomass, radial growth, and toxin elaboration. The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry revealed the presence of 28, 16, and 9 compounds in the extracts of A. sativum, A. cepa, A. cepa var. aggregatum, respectively. The Allium phytocostituents-like hexadecanoic acid, 5-Octanoyl-2,4,6(1H,3H,5H)-pyrimidinetrione, Guanosine, and so on, showed higher binding energy with aflatoxin synthesis key enzyme ver1. Allium seasoning increased the typical nutty odor of the groundnut oil with sweet aroma note as well as intensification of pale yellow color. Allium seasoning exhibited the highest aflatoxin detoxification and aroma development without any nutritional loss. Culinary oil Allium seasoning has anti-aflatoxin and food additive potential for use in food industries.

Practical Application

This research would have practical applications in food industries using oil in terms of aflatoxin detoxification, an aroma increase without any nutritional loss. It reports the behavior and effects of culinary Allium during seasoning on groundnut oil. The obtained result highlights seasoning-mediated changes in sensory, nutritional composition and detoxification of groundnut oil along with the antifungal preservative potential of Allium extracts on them. It may serve as a scientific guidance for groundnut oil industries to develop better and the consumer appreciating aroma along with aflatoxin mitigation through Allium seasoning application.

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