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Hypnotherapy for Labor and Birth


  • The author and planners of this activity report no conflicts of interest or relevant financial relationships. The author discloses that she is certified as a trainer by HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method, which is mentioned in this article, but that she has no financial stake in that organization. No commercial support was received for this learning activity.


Hypnotherapy is an integrative mind-body technique with therapeutic potential in various health care applications, including labor and birth. Evaluating the efficacy of this modality in controlled studies can be difficult, because of methodologic challenges, such as obtaining adequate sample sizes and standardizing experimental conditions. Women using hypnosis techniques for childbirth in hospital settings may face barriers related to caregiver resistance or institutional policies. The potential anxiolytic and analgesic effects of clinical hypnosis for childbirth merit further study. Nurses caring for women during labor and birth can increase their knowledge and skills with strategies for supporting hypnotherapeutic techniques.