Fig. S1. A pair of primers designed for amplifying the partial pls gene of S. albulus NK660.

Fig. S2. Detection of ε-PL production in S. lividans by Dragendorff reagent.

Fig. S3. A. 1H NMR spectrum of a reference standard of ε-PL.

B. 13C NMR spectrum of a reference standard of ε-PL.

Fig. S4. A. The construction of pHZ-pls confirmed by restriction enzyme digestion.

B. The PCR detection of the pHZ-pls in S. lividans ZX7.

Table S1. Culture characteristics of S. albulus NK660.

Table S2. Effects of different carbon sources on cell dry weight, final pH and ε-PL yield.

Table S3. The primers used for cloning of the pls gene from S. albulus NK660 by genome walking.

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