Microbial strain collections and information

An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in microbial biotechnology


  • Lawrence P. Wackett

    McKnight Professor
    1. Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics, BioTechnology Institute, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA
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National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms


This culture collection contains only non-pathogenic microorganisms contains information on strain names and special application of the particular microorganisms.

Collection of industrial and environmentally-relevant microorganisms


This collection specializes in microorganisms valued for industrial applications, includes many patented microbes, and the company also provides oilfield and environmental services.

NCIMB bacteria database


This database provides a large set of industrial microorganisms. Under specific entries, it contains information on the origins of, and literature on, the strains.



The DSMZ is the German collection of microorganisms and cell cultures. It contains approximately 20,000 bacterial and 5,000 fungal strains.

Microbial strain information


Microbial strain information is a tool with the goal of providing a comprehensive microbial knowledge base.

Fungal biodiversity center


This database focus on fungi and bacteria of the class known as actinomycetes.

Strain info: Reducing microbial data entropy


This web article describes the needs and designs of compiling microbial strain information.

World federation for culture collections


This clearinghouse site contains links to many microbial strain collections around the world.

Ribosomal database project


The RDP provides annotated bacterial, archael, and fungal rRNA sequences for use in taxonomy and in analyzing secondary structure.

Global catalogue of microorganisms


This site provides information for global culture collections to share and coordinate information.

ATCC: Bacteria


The American Type Culture Collection specializes in microorganisms useful for research, medical and industrial applications.

Richer metadata for microbial sequences


There is a push to provide fuller data on strains to accompany genome sequences to allow users to more fully benefit from the genome data.

NCBI taxonomy browser


The NCBI taxonmy browser provides information on all taxonomic units including bacteria and archae.

Prokaryotic names with standing in nomenclature


This site specializes in taxonomic information for prokaryotic strains.

GOLD: Genomes online


This database contains a large amount of information on microbial genomes as well as metadata on those strains.

Database of magnetotactic bacteria


This database focuses specifically on bacteria that use the magnetic field of the earth to navigate.

List of biocatalysis/biodegradation microorganisms


This page lists the strains contained with the University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database. There are links to information on the metabolic pathways contained within those strains.

Microbes online


Microbes online contains information on microbial genomes, gene expression, and fitness.