men12008-sup-0001-Tables-S1-S7.pdfapplication/PDF509KTable S1 Sequence information for Dewar primers. Table S2 Amplification and sequencing information for all loci screened for SNP discovery and verification. Table S3 Details of PCR profiles used for both SNP discovery and verification corresponding to Table S2 (Supporting Information). Table S4 Summary information and statistics for each locus where DNA pool sequencing was successful. Table S5 List of 53 SNPs for which TaqMan® Assays were designed for bottlenose dolphins, including sequences for all primers and probes. Table S6 Summary information for each locus regarding if SNPs were found, if assays were made, and whether the sequenced fragment is thought to span an intron based on information from the original publications. Table S7 CT values for seven samples and a DNA negative tested with varying amounts of BSA with the DRD2-620 assay.
men12008-sup-0002-FigureS1-S2.pdfapplication/PDF607KFig. S1 Allelic discrimination plots for results from INT assay and ambiguous clustering with CHRNA-260 and P165-611 assays. Fig. S2 Results of null allele analysis on the eastern GOMx population.

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