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bgc: Software for Bayesian estimation of genomic clines



Introgression in admixed populations can be used to identify candidate loci that might underlie adaptation or reproductive isolation. The Bayesian genomic cline model provides a framework for quantifying variable introgression in admixed populations and identifying regions of the genome with extreme introgression that are potentially associated with variation in fitness. Here we describe the bgc software, which uses Markov chain Monte Carlo to estimate the joint posterior probability distribution of the parameters in the Bayesian genomic cline model and designate outlier loci. This software can be used with next-generation sequence data, accounts for uncertainty in genotypic state, and can incorporate information from linked loci on a genetic map. Output from the analysis is written to an HDF5 file for efficient storage and manipulation. This software is written in C++. The source code, software manual, compilation instructions and example data sets are available under the GNU Public License at