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Figure S1. Google map of the worldwide collection of samples.

Figure S2. Minimum interspecific distance with the most similar species against maximum intraspecific distance according to Kimura 2 parameter model for 21 species from four groups of aquatic Angiospermae.

Table S1 Overview of plant accessions, their species assignments, origins, vouchers and Genbank sequence accessions

Table S2 PCR primers used for amplification of plastid DNA sequences

Table S3 PCR amplification protocols used for the matK locus

Table S4 Sequences of M13 primers used for amplification and sequencing of the matK locus

Table S5 Percentages of matK locus amplification success in four groups of aquatic Angiospermae. N.A: no amplification

men12020-sup-0002-AppendixS1.zipZip archive15KAppendix S1. Sequence alignments

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