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Additional File S1. List of Plant and Animal samples collected on Niau Island to Constitute the DNA template of our prey bank.

Additional File S2. List and source of tested primers.

Additional File S3. Extraction protocol details.

Additional File S4. Results of cross-amplification tests and selection criteria of group-specific primer pairs.

Additional File S5. Plant rbcL sequences amplified from rat diet samples.

Additional File S6. Results of the morphological analysis of rats' stomach and fecal samples.

Additional File S7. Values of both DNA concentration (ng/mL) and A260/A280 measured in both stomach (ST) and fecal (F) samples for all the tested Extraction Protocols; EP1: QIAamp DNA stool mini kit, EP2: DNeasy mericon food, EP3: CTAB, EP4: CTAB + QIAquick purification. Re 1 to 7: Rattus exulansn°1–7 and Rr 1 to 5: Rattus rattus n°1–5.

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