men12044-sup-0001-TableS1.xlsapplication/msexcel87KTable S1 This file contains five tables. ‘SNP data’ gives the allele frequencies for all SNPs scored in all three sample categories (aphrodite, holtzi, and hybrid), as well as the results of the t-tests. ‘Extrapolations’ is a table with the bins from which the selected SNPs derive. ‘Samples for Illumina’ provides details on the 15 samples used for the Illumina sequencing. ‘Samples for genotyping’ is a table with sampling and SNP frequency details on the samples taken from the plot straddling the hybrid zone (see also Fig. 2), and used to provide the 801 genotyped individuals. ‘Numbers of SNPs per bin’ presents, for each frequency difference category, the number of SNPs that apply, as well as a graphical representation of this in the form of a histogram (note log scale for the Y-axis).

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