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Figure S1 Maximum likelihood phylogeny based on a partitioned analysis of COI and 16S mitochondrial DNA gene fragments from Ecnomiohyla samples, inferred using the software GARLI 2.0 and rooted at mid-point. Double asterisks (**) indicate support ≥95%. Scale bar indicates inferred patristic distance.

Table S1 Taxonomy, sample number, museum voucher numbers (when available), collecting locality and GenBank numbers for all samples used in this study. All localities are in the Republic of Panama. See Fig. 1 in main text for map. AJC = Andrew J. Crawford field number; CH = Círculo Herpetológico de Panamá, Panama City, Republic of Panama; EVACC = El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center sample number, Republic of Panama; FB = Federico Bolaños field number; KRL = Karen R. Lips field number; MVUP = Museo de Vertebrados de la Universidad de Panamá, Republic of Panama; ‘swab’ = non-vouchered genetic sample from live specimen; UCR = Universidad de Costa Rica, Museo de Zoología, San Pedro, Costa Rica; USNM = Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, Division of Amphibians and Reptiles, Washington, D.C., USA.

Table S2 Model of nucleotide substitution best supported by the Bayesian Information Criterion as implemented in jModeltest and applied to each mitochondrial DNA data set (EVACC and wildcaught samples combined).

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