men12143-sup-0001-TableS1-S2-AppendixA-B.docxWord document33KTable S1 Numbers of bark beetles sampled from each region, site and tree stump. Beetle species: HL = Hylurgus ligniperda, HA = Hylastes ater. Table S2 GLMM model coefficients for variation in (a) abundance of Hylurgus ligniperda and Hylastes ater across trees and regions (Nelson and Canterbury), and (b) relative frequency of capture of H. ligniperda vs. H. ater across regions. Significance values for all fixed factors are shown and both models include the random effects of site and tree. Appendix S1 Alignment and pairwise identities of the amplicons Appendix S2 R code used for analysis
men12143-sup-0002-Capture_Frequency_DataS3.csvCSV document0KData S1 Fungal presence on beetles.
men12143-sup-0003-Fungi_On_Beetles_DataS1.csvCSV document16KData S2 Beetle abundance across individual trees and regions.
men12143-sup-0004-Abundance_DataS2.csvCSV document1KData S3 Relative capture frequency of beetle species across regions.

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