Table S1 Sample data.

Table S2 Mean genetic distances between Hermeuptychia (1) genetic groups and (2) distinct morphological groups, under K2P model. (3) Mean, maximum intraspecific and minimum interspecific genetic distance for the Hermeuptychia genetic groups, under K2P model.

Fig. S1 Phylogenetic tree based on Bayesian Inference analysis using 30 additional samples of Hermeuptychia from BOLD database.

Fig. S2 Phylogenetic tree based on Bayesian Inference analysis using only a subset of 74 samples.

Fig. S3 Male genitalia photographs.

Fig. S4 Wing pattern photographs—note that wing morphology is very similar between species and that ocelli pattern can variate within species, between geographical regions, as shown by Hermeuptychia maimoune specimens.

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