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Table S1 Herbarium Voucher numbers of each of the 12 species used in the study.

Figure S1 Distribution maps of the 12 Australian rainforest species used in this study: a = Brachychiton acerifolius, b = Cinnamomum oliveri, c = Claoxylon australe, d = Dendrocnide excelsa, e = Diploglottis cunninghamii, f = Doryphora sassafras, g = Elaeocarpus reticulates, h = Pittosporum multiflorum, i = Stenocarpus salignus, j = Synoum glandulosum glandulosum, k = Toona ciliate, l = Wilkiea huegeliana.

Table S2 A summary of the raw reads and quality trimmed reads, phred scores and variant detection mapping of each of the Illumina sequence libraries used.

Figure S2 A presentation of the work-flow followed in this study.

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