Table S1 Characteristics of 20 microsatellite loci analysed in the root vole population, organized in four multiplex PCR reactions.

Table S2 Loci with putative null alleles confirmed for the entire dataset (root vole population, all years pooled) using all four methods.

Table S3 Characteristics of the simulated populations. Range, mean values and SDs were computed separately for 50 replicates representing each scenario of the bottleneck size and duration (in generations).

Table S5 Number of loci with null alleles detected using four programs in populations simulated with various levels and duration of a bottleneck.

Fig. S1 The observed and expected frequency of homozygotes vs. null allele frequency in the loci where null alleles were simulated using NullAlleleGenerator in 120 randomly selected populations.


Table S4 Genetic estimates and null allele detection results computed for simulated populations affected by various bottleneck scenarios.

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