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  5. The following list contains people who reviewed articles for Molecular Ecology Resources between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013

This past year has been a great one for Molecular Ecology Resources readers and authors. The 143% increase in the Impact Factor (IF) to 7.43 for 2012 is one obvious indicator. This is the journal's first IF that does not include Primer Notes in the calculation, and it thus reflects the high quality of the Resource Articles that we have been publishing in the recent years. While the IF is an important metric, it is not the only way of assessing the quality of a journal. We are happy to note that along with this increase in citations, there has also been a 10% increase in downloads of our articles in 2012 over 2011.

This year has seen the launch of a new series called Primers (pronounced ‘prim-ers’) on topics relevant to molecular ecology. The first of these covered RNA-seq (Wolf 2013) and the role of transposable elements in microevolutionary change (Bonchev & Parisod 2013). These minireviews are a great resource for learning about hot topics in the field, and we look forward to publishing many more.

In addition, 2013 has seen the advent of our Genomic Resources Notes (GR Notes), which are now published as part of a summary article in each issue. We encourage authors to make curated large-scale genomic data sets available to the broader community through this new article type. Genomic Resources Notes replace Permanent Genetic Resource Notes (or Primer Notes), which described a small number of microsatellite or SNP primers. We are no longer publishing the latter in any form.

In terms of policies, the editorial board discussed the growing trend of preprints at our annual meeting and decided on the following:

Molecular Ecology Resources will consider submissions that have previously been made available online, either on a preprint server like arXiv or PeerJ PrePrints, or on the authors' own website. Any such submissions must, however, not have been published in a scientific journal, book or other venue that could be considered formal publication. Authors must inform the editorial office at submission if their paper has been made available as a preprint.

Authors of accepted papers that were made available as preprints must be able to assign copyright to Molecular Ecology Resources, or agree to the terms of the Wiley Open Access agreement and pay the associated fee.

Given that the measurable impact of the article is diminished when citations are split between the preprint and the published article, authors are required to (i) update the entry on the preprint server so that it links to and cites the DOI for the published version and (ii) cite only the published article themselves'.

Another innovation in scientific publishing has been the development of independent review organizations such as Rubriq or Axios Review, which have the goal of reducing redundancy in the peer review system. We will consider referrals from independent review services, but manuscripts arriving from these services may be subject to additional external review by the journal itself.

One of these review companies (Axios Review) was founded by our Managing Editor, Tim Vines, but the new company and Tim's involvement in it are completely independent of Molecular Ecology Resources. To avoid a potential conflict of interest, our other Managing Editor, Jen Gow, will handle any manuscripts that are referred to Molecular Ecology Resources from Axios.

Any questions or comments on these policies should be directed to the Chief or Managing Editors.

These are truly exciting times for the journal, and we look forward to publishing your next breakthrough, be it a computer program, analytical method or genetic resources. Our goal remains to publish the best available resources for the field of molecular ecology.

Editorial Board

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  2. State of the Journal
  3. Editorial Board
  4. References
  5. The following list contains people who reviewed articles for Molecular Ecology Resources between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013

This year we have had several changes to our board. After a combined 26 years with the journal, Carolyne Bardeleben, Albano Beja-Pereira, Lisa Pope and Alison Surridge have stepped down from the board. We would like to sincerely thank them for their dedication and service. Our newest additions to the board are Sébastien Renaut at the University of British Columbia and Anna Santure at the University of Sheffield, bolstering our ability to assess potential contributions related to computational and analytical methods and massively parallel sequencing data sets. We thank them and our continuing as editors (Frédéric Austerlitz, Alex Buerkle, Simon Creer, Bruce Deagle, Jeremy deWaard, Andrew DeWoody, Oscar Gaggiotti, Travis Glenn, Patricia Lee, Mark Ungerer and Michelle van der Bank) for their hard work in handling and deciding manuscripts.

The end of 2013 will see the end of my tenure as Chief Editor as I hand over these responsibilities to Shawn Narum. Shawn has more than ten years experience as lead geneticist for the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission studying population and ecological genomics, genetic effects of hatchery practices, and the genetic tagging and monitoring of fishery stocks in salmonid and other species in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. In addition, Shawn has been a member of our editorial board since 2008, making valuable contributions to policies and editing special issues in both Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Resources. I am confident that Shawn brings the experience and background needed to oversee the future growth of Molecular Ecology Resources.

Finally, and most importantly, we thank the individuals listed on the following pages for their time and effort in reviewing papers for the journal during the past year. Their efforts are integral to maintaining the integrity of the review process, and we are extremely grateful for their commitment. Thank you.


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  2. State of the Journal
  3. Editorial Board
  4. References
  5. The following list contains people who reviewed articles for Molecular Ecology Resources between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013

The following list contains people who reviewed articles for Molecular Ecology Resources between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013

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  2. State of the Journal
  3. Editorial Board
  4. References
  5. The following list contains people who reviewed articles for Molecular Ecology Resources between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013

Matthew L. Aardema

Natalia I. Abramson

Guillauve Achaz

Jennifer R. Adams

Bishwo N. Adhikari

Marissa A. Ahlering

Paramvir S. Ahuja

Miguel Alcaide

Jussi S. Alho

Edward Almond

Anthony Almudevar

Linda Amaral Zettler

William Amos

Lars Andersen

Eric Anderson

Alyson M. Andreasen

Rose L. Andrew

Charles Apperson

Sharon Appleyard

Rosa Maria Araujo

Eileen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong

Miquel Arnedo

Nils Arrigo

Andrew Austin

Thierry Backeljau

Niclas Backstrom

Melinda R. Baerwald

Christopher Balakrishnan

Claudio Bandi

Jonathan Banks

Joshua Banta

Marcos Barbeitos

Lívia M. Barbosa

Soraia Barbosa

Shalva Barjadze

Stephen Barker

Marta Barluenga

Irene Barnes

Jens Bast

Jacqueline Batley

Emmanuelle Baudry

Greg J. Baute

Eric Bazin

Terry D. Beacham

Andreas Beck

Eva Bellemain

Dirk U. Bellstedt

Gareth Belton

Daniel Benesh

Lincoln Best

Holly Bik

Emanuele Biondi

Alistair Blachford

Ben Blackburne

Christopher Blair

Leocadio Blanco-Bercial

Stephen Boatwright

Dan G. Bock

Wieslaw Bogdanowicz

Kristine Bohmann

Alex V. Borisenko

Agnès Bouchez

Stephane Boyer

Laura Boykin

Andreas Brezas

Christiana F. A. Brito

Kirk D. Broders

Rosana Brondani

Thomas Broquet

Mark J. F. Brown

Sarah Brown

Matthieu Bruneaux

Eduardas Budrys

Seth Bybee

Benny Bytebier

Iain R. Caldwell

Kristina M. Cammen

Nathan R. Campbell

Matt Campbell

David Campbell

Melissa Carew

João Carneiro

Daniel C. Carvalho

Mireia Casas-Marce

Matteo Caser

Todd Castoe

Elizabeth Chambers

Eric G. Chapman

Robert W. Chapman

Lars Chatrou

Arunrat Chaveerach

Raquel Chaves

Shilin Chen

Rui Chen

Douglas Chesters

Satoshi Chiba

Anindo Choudhury

Sung G. Chun

Igor J. Chybicki

Elizabeth L. Clare

Lindsay V. Clark

Melody Clark

Andrew Clarke

Wendy Clement

Timothy Close

Anthony Cognato

Eric Coissac

Rupert A. Collins

Aaron A. Comeault

Ida M. Conflitti

Kimberly Y. Conklin

Jan Conn

Chris Conroy

Jason A. Coombs

Craig Costion

Keith Crandall

Peter Cranston

Francois Criscuolo

Matt Cronin

Philippe Cubry

Catherine I. Cullingham

Douglas C. Currie

Samuel Cushman

James Cussens

Asher D. Cutter

Rachel Daniels

Barnabas Daru

John W. Davey

William S. Davidson

Sarah W. Davies

Don Davis

Deborah A. Dawson

Paul De Barro

Pilar De la Rúa

Antonio de Oliveira

Natasha de Vere

Pierre De Wit

Bruce E. Deagle

Mark Debruyn

Tony Dejean

Stephanie M. DeMay

Berna Demirci

Christiano Depitta

Sofie Derycke

Philippe Desjardins-Proulx

Sébastien Devillard

R. E. DeWalt

Randy DeYoung

Leila Diaz

Ian Dickie

Henry Disney

Paul Doerder

Ana Domínguez Sanjurjo

Alex Dornburg

Mario dos Reis

Natalie dos Remedios

Stephen Downie

Carlos A. Driscoll

Michelle A. Duennes

France Dufresne

Christophe Dufresnes

Alison Duncan

Peter Dunn

Glenn J. Dunshea

Julian R. Dupuis

Dent A. Earl

Deren A. Eaton

Atsushi Ebihara

Robert C. Edgar

Ashley N. Egan

Lori S. Eggert

Christophe Eizaguirre

Robert Ekblom

Daniel D. Ence

Jürg Enkerli

Laura S. Epp

David Erickson

Holly Ernest

Paul Etter

Ben Evans

Nathaniel Evans

Meredith V. Everett

Hibert Fabrice

Angelo Facchiano

Valeria Fagundes

Brant Faircloth

Xiaoting Fang

Cassandra E. Faux

Guido Favia

Barbara Feldmeyer

Yanwei Feng

Luca Ferretti

Maria Ferrus

Amanda E. Fisher

David Foran

Vincent Formica

Laura Forrest

Wolfgang Forstmeier

Frode Fossøy

Celine Frère

Luca Fumagalli

Matteo Fumagalli

Juan Galindo

Lianming Gao

Melissa Garcia

Cristina García

Carlos García-Robledo

Jose Garcıa-Arraras

Tara D. Gariepy

Pauline Garnier-Gere

Michael R. Garvin

Michael W. Gates

Lucie Gattepaille

Xue-Jun Ge

Jürgen Geist

Birgit Gemeinholzer

Martin Genner

Sankar K. Ghosh

Jason Gibbs

Cara Gibson

J. D. Gibson

Gonzalo Giribet

Jeffrey C. Glaubitz

Lani U. Gleason

Travis C. Glenn

Brian Golding

Zach Gompert

Josefa Gonzalez

Susana González

Michael Goodisman

Jamieson C. Gorrell

Nicolas Gouin

Stewart Grant

Dario Grattapaglia

Jeff A. Graves

Matthew Greenstone

Philippa Griffin

Bernd Gruber

Monica Guerrini

Vishal Gupta

Mary Hagedorn

Jodie Haig

James Haile

Eric M. Hallerman

Neusa Hamada

Jim Hamrick

Sarah Hamsher

Brittany L. Hancock-Hanser

Jun Hang

D. C. Hao

Christopher M. Hardy

Ryan Harrigan

Julie A. Hawkins

Paul Hebert

Benjamin C. Hecht

Dennis Hedgecock

Berthold Heinze

Edward Heist

Sarah J. Helyar

Carlos M. Herrera

Tim Heupink

Heather M. Hines

Damien D. Hinsinger

Thierry B. Hoareau

Sean M. Hoban

Eric A. Hoffman

G. S. Hoffmann

Michael Hofreiter

Paul A. Hohenlohe

Jason A. Holliday

Christina M. Holzapfel

Susanne Horn

Jan Hrcek

Yin-Chang Hu

Nicolas Hubert

Margaret Hunter

Brian Husband

John Hyde

Nicole A. Hynson

Mallika Imwong

Pär K. Ingvarsson

Joshua A. Israel

Natalia V. Ivanova

Robert C. Jadin

Simon Jarman

Erich Jarvis

Robert Jehle

Robert Jennings

Christopher L. Jerde

Julie Jeukens

Shannon B. Johnson

Susan E. Johnston

Simon Joly

Thibaut Jombart

Julia C. Jones

Adam G. Jones

Rudy M. Jonker

Katharina M. Jörger

Hélène Jourdan-Pineau

A. Juen

Riikka Kaartinen

Jennifer Kanine

Alexandros A. Karamanlidis

Stephen A. Karl

Lukas Keller

Carrie Kiel

karen Kiemnec-Tyburczy

C. W. Kilpatrick

Chang-Bae Kim

Andrew King

Andrew P. Kinziger

Michael Knapp

Shannon Knapp

Thomas Knebelsberger

Ulrich Knief

Matthew A. Knox

Klaus Koepfli

Annegreth Kohler

Vlachonasios Konstantinos

Wiebe H. C. F. Kooistra

Marion Koopmans

Alexander Kopatz

Helena Korpelainen

Kirsi Kostamo

Robert H. S. Kraus

Johannes Krause

M. Kristensen

Ilkka Kronholm

Ralph Kuehn

Rob Kulathinal

Jutharat Kulsantiwong

N. Pradeep Kumar

Axel Künstner

Masha Kuzmina

Maria Kuzmina

Sebastian B. Kvist

Silke Laakmann

Jean Paul Lachaud

Anna-Liisa Laine

Stacey L. Lance

Erin L. Landguth

Sergio Lanteri

Stefan Laurent

Guillaume Laval

Dan Lawson

Miguel C. Leal

Paul Leberg

Steven Lee

James Leebens-Mack

Marie-Caroline Lefort

Tobias L. Lenz

Olivier Lepais

Anne-Louise Leutenegger

Charlotte Lindqvist

Andrey Lissovsky

D. P. Little

Xiaoming Liu

Shanlin Liu

Jie Liu

Sean A. Locke

Nick Loman

Guoqing Lu

Liang Lu

Arne Ludwig

Robert Luecking

Francois Luro

Salima Machkour-M'Rabet

Anthony Magee

Thomas Mailund

Dorrie Main

Tuuli Mäkinen

Jesús E. Maldonado

Anita Malhotra

Ben Mans

Daniel K. Manter

Nicholas J. Marra

Rachel Massicotte

Sneh Mathur

Joana Matzen da Silva

John E. McCormack

Eve S. McCulloch

Megan McCusker

Anna McKee

Conor Meade

Patrick G. Meirmans

Yalemtsehay Mekonnen

Marco Mendez

Juha Merilä

Claude Miaud

Fernanda Michalski

Andrew Michel

Alexander S. Mikheyev

Massimo Milan

Mark P. Miller

Andrew Mitchell

Karen E. Mock

Jennifer A. Moore

Clifford W. Morden

Phillip A. Morin

Francisco Morinha

Laurence Mouton

Aurelie Moya

Robert W. Murphy

Tomás E. Murray

Brent Murray

Marko Mutanen

Amanda Naaum

Yamama Naciri

Nicola Nadeau

Sophie Nadot

Rodney N. Nagoshi

Zoltán Á. Nagy

Shinichi Nakagawa

Maurine Neiman

Julio M. Neto

Shaun Nielsen

Suegene Noh

Johannes Novak

Richard O'Rorke

Francisco M. Ochoa Corona

Rob Ogden

Claudio Oliveira

Zachary H. Olson

Mats Olsson

Jorge Ortega

Andrew Overall

Sara Oyler-McCance

Timothy J. Page

Marie Pagès

Per J. Palsboll

Olivier Panaud

John Pannell

Emmanuel Paradis

Thomas Parchman

Gabriela Parra-Olea

Peristera Paschou

Guido Pastorino

Elizabeth L. Paulson

Greg Pauly

Pavlos Pavlidis

Alexandra Pavlova

Jan Pawlowski

Rod Peakall

Agnes Pelletier

Trevor Pemberton

Luke W. Pembleton

Trinidad Pérez

Alicia R. Pérez-Porro

Begona Perez-Vich

George Perry

Eric Petit

Michael E. Pfrender

G. Piganeau

Maxine Piggott

Erik M. Pilgrim

Oscar Pineda-Catalan

Federico Plazzi

Sophie Plouviez

L. Podsiadlowski

Carlos Polanco

David Porco

Adam H. Porter

Teresita M. Porter

Dan Potter

Wayne Powell

Victoria Pritchard

Sean W. J. Prosser

Christin L. Pruett

Jérôme G. Prunier

Julien Prunier

Melody Puckridge

Nicolas Puillandre

Jonas P. Quilang

Adriana Radulovici

Jacek Radwan

Subramanyam Ragupathy

Soom Nath Raina

Tod Ramsfield

Claus Rasmussen

Sujeevan Ratnasingham

Michael J. Raupach

Rhitoban Raychoudhury

Hugo E. V. Rebelo

J. D. Reimer

William Reisen

Matthew Renner

Nicoletta Ricardi

Kathryn Richards-Hrdlicka

Heathcliffe Riday

Frédéric Rimet

Kermit Ritland

Marta Riutort

Eric H. Roalson

David Roberts

Juan J. Robledo-Arnuncio

Alfred Roca

Josephine J. Rodriguez

Marius Roesti

Nadin Rohland

Louise Rollins-Smith

Michael Romanov

Howard A. Ross

Rosa Roy

Benjamin E. R. Rubin

Graham Ruby

Maria Jose Ruiz Lopez

Jeff Saarela

Jorge Salazar-Bravo

Luciana Santoferrara

Anna W. Santure

Neil Sarkar

Tiina Sarkinen

Haris Saslis-Lagoudakis

Davide Sassera

Ludovic Say

Bernd Schierwater

Ora Schlei

Daniel J. Schmidt

Stefan Schmidt

Imke Schmitt

Tonia S. Schwartz

Kim Scribner

Jessica J. Scriven

Gernot Segelbacher

Wansuk Senanan

Fernando Sequeira

Dimitar R. Serbezov

Brian M. Shamblin

Michael Sharkey

Jennifer Shelton

Shadi Shokralla

Andrew M. Simons

Frederic Sinniger

Daniel Skelly

Paul Skelton

Ruhan Slabbert

Brian L. Sloss

Michel A. Slotman

Alex Smith

Stacey Smith

Peter E. Smouse

Nayla Sokhn

Anna Solecki

Andrei Sourakov

Vitor C. Sousa

Luciene Sousa

Joe Spatafora

Penny A. Spiering

Aimé Spor

John Spouge

Anuj Srivastava

T. Stadler

Julie K. Stahlhut

Jessica Stapley

Michael Stat

Helena Storchová

James P. Strange

Michal Stuglik

Jerome Sueur

Kyle Summers

Kun Sun

Ben J. G. Sutherland

Zachary Szpiech

Teruhiko Takahara

Soon Guan Tan

Sithichoke Tangphatsornruang

Naoki Tani

Leho Tedersoo

Katherine Teeter

Aurélien Tellier

William D. Templin

Kosuke M. Teshima

Sophie Thevenon

Stuart C. Thomas

Austen C. Thomas

Philip F. Thomsen

Ralph Tiedemann

Martijn J. T. N. Timmermans

Juan Pablo J. Torrico

Sheena Townsend

Somvong Tragoonrung

Dorset W. Trapnell

Deborah A. Triant

Jimmy Triplett

Amber D. Tripodi

Yi-Hsin Tsai

Yoshiaki Tsuda

Olga Tsyusko

Caroline Tucker

Julie Turgeon

Joshua Udall

Ebru Unal

Sylvain Ursenbacher

Nigel Urwin

Sven Uthicke

Alice Valentini

Erik van Nieukerken

Peter H. van Tienderen

Robin van Velzen

María G. Velarde-Aguilar

Claudio Verdugo

Simon Verhulst

Cristiano Vernesi

Maria N. Vieira

Linda Vigilant

Nagarjun Vijay

Jandouwe Villinger

Amanda Vincent

Massimiliano Virgilio

Renaud Vitalis

Konstantinos Vlachonasios

Catherine E. Wagner

Jitra Waikagul

Alan Walker

James Walters

Jinliang Wang

Shi Wang

Robert D. Ward

Darren Ward

Katherine Waselkov

Benjamin R. Waterhouse

Jeffrey M. Webb

David Weetman

Alexander M. Weigand

Lee Weigt

Song Weining

Bevan S. Weir

Kristen Whalen

Bradley J. White

Martin Wiemers

Taylor M. Wilcox

Lena Wilfert

Suzanne T. Williams

Eva-Maria Willing

Robert C. Wilson

Antony Wilson

Michael Wink

David J. Winter

Sen Xu

Shuhua Xu

Han-Qi Yang

Motoshige Yasuike

Jian Ye

Chris Yesson

Kowiyou Yessoufou

Nigel G. Yoccoz

Monica Young

Yaowu Yuan

Reza Zahiri

Juan E. Zalapa

Magdalena Zarowiecki

Diane Zarzoso-Lacoste

Matt Zeale

Aibin Zhan

De-Xing Zhang

Zhi-Yong Zhang

Junbin Zhang

Shi-Liang Zhou

Xin Zhou

Yuan Zhu

Alexandra Zieritz