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Data S1 Supplementary methods.

Data S2 Duplicate removal bias.

Fig. S1 Customised workflow for analysis of Illumina paired-end DNA sequence data.

Table S1 Data on all Amara specimens used in this study.

Table S2 Locality data for ancient specimens of A. alpina.

Table S3 Primers used in this study.

Table S4 Details of the 15 reference sequences used to retrieve A. alpina sequences from the merged read files.

Table S5 The proportion of reads per sample (a) aligned to the 15 reference sequences listed in Table S4, and (b) affected by the duplicate removal bias toward nuclear DNA in modern and museum samples.

Table S6 Mean fragment length differences between mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.

Table S7 Details of the contigs used for metagenomic assessment, and the proportion that were taxonomically assigned, including those for the Insecta.

Table S8 Major taxonomic components of the groups identified in Fig 3, and their inferred origin.

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