men12214-sup-0001-figS1.pdfapplication/PDF84KFig. S1 Relationship between the age (years) of non-invasive samples and their QI values, evaluated through Pearson´s correlation coefficient r (r = −0.7193593, P-value = 0.0007655), for the data set without the outlier TTPR01 (Table S1, Supporting Information), which was an 6 years old sample.
men12214-sup-0002-figS2.pdfapplication/PDF84KFig. S2 Plot of QI values of samples against age (years) depicted by the natural history collections of origin (symbols in legend).
men12214-sup-0003-tableS1.pdfapplication/PDF191KTable S1 List of samples used in this study.
men12214-sup-0004-data-setsS1.xlsxapplication/msexcel22KData S1 Genotyping data set.

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