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Figure S1 Sequence length of quality filtered IgG PacBio sequence data (n = 15 282).

Figure S2 IMGT human V segment classification of 13 073 expressed IgG sequences from the sifaka (PacBio CCS data).

Figure S3 Frequencies of J segments within expressed sifaka IgG antibodies (from 11 810 IMGT categorized sequences, generated using PacBio CCS) based on their closest match with human J segments 1-6.

Figure S4 Sequence length of quality filtered global IgH Ion Torrent sequence data (n = 144 441).

Figure S5 Circos diagram showing common IMGT identification of expressed sifaka IgG antibodies (from 131 829 Ion Torrent PGM sequences) based on their similarity to human V and J segments.


Table S1 Raw reads, filtered reads, and reads mapped to the human heavy-chain locus (see Methods) per species examined by Perry et al. (2012)

Table S2 Results of mapping Perry et al. (2012) transcriptome data to the human heavy-chain locus (a) raw reads. (b) total bases

Table S3 Primers used for successful amplification of IgG and global IgH within Propithecus coquereli

Table S4 Bowtie2 mapping results of Perry et al. (2012) transcriptome data to human heavy-chain V segments

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