men12291-sup-0001-SuppInformation1.pdfapplication/PDF87KAppendix S1 Schematic diagram of RAD data genotyping and differences between replicates
men12291-sup-0002-SuppInformation2.pdfapplication/PDF2814KAppendix S2 Summary of ddRAD lab work reaction mixes used and the characteristics of the resulting libraries
men12291-sup-0003-SuppInformation3.htmlHTML document1439KAppendix S3 Dendrograms obtained from the analyses of replicates analyses with different Stacks parameters
men12291-sup-0004-SuppInformation4.htmlHTML document70KAppendix S4 Allele and single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) error rates for the SNP calling model analyses
men12291-sup-0005-SuppInformation5.htmlHTML document400KAppendix S5 PCoA for each of the four Stacks parameter profiles tested

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