Collaboration, the other name for research


  • Debashish Danda

Science is moving in all directions - from a narrow tubular approach by some to highly interdisciplinary research by others. Researchers in any part of this spectrum need input from all squares of the field of science. Information explosion has made science so complex that a specialised few only are in control of technology, techniques and interpretation of resultant information. It is impossible to understand each others language and this undesirable product is unfortunately the reality today. Clinicians don't understand molecular biologists’ language, molecular biologists don't understand bio-informatic experts’ language and so on. The horizon is broadened for ever to force biology, physical science, social science, economics, politics, ethics and even spirituality to come under the same platform of research.

Only solution to these issues seems to be collaboration and this state of affairs is going to stay for sometime. Yes, long list of authors is the way forward with focussed minimum role for each.

Unfortunately, there are stringent political regulations by some countries restricting transfer of biological materials etc. Though the intention is to develop one's own self respect in research fields, it may be detrimental in the long run - as it will yield to isolated bits of the jigsaw puzzles of science, which will remain unsolved for ever. We cannot live in isolation and none will be winner if superiority is sought.