Fig. S1. Bacterial loading of Artemia after mono- or multistrain enrichment (2 h). Data from one replicate experiment are shown. Different upper case letters denote a significant difference in total bacterial loading, and different lower case letters denote a significant difference in the loading of pathogen Vibrio owensii DY05. The first three bars show monostrain enrichment with probiont Pseudoalteromonas sp. PP107, probiont Vibrio sp. PP05[GFP] or V. owensii DY05[RFP], respectively. The next two bars show enrichment with V. owensii DY05 [RFP] in combination with one probiont (PP107 or PP05 [GFP], respectively). The next bar shows enrichment with the probiont combination (PP107 and PP05 [GFP]). The last bar shows enrichment with V. owensii DY05[RFP] and the probiont combination (PP107 and PP05[GFP]).


Table S1. Bacterial strains used in this study.

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