Fig. S1. Distribution of MO-1 cell swim speed.

Fig. S2. Distances of MO-1 southward swimming are inversely proportional to the field strength.

Table S1. Run- Stop Analysis of E. coli AW405 and MO-1 Swimming.


Movie S1. MO-1 cell translates along its short body axis. The swim of a MO-1 cell northward (upward) is recorded with a sCMOS camera of ANDOR. It shows that the short body axis of the ovoid cell is along the translation direction.


Movie S2. Swimming of MO-1 cells when they encounter agarose aggregates. Eleven MO-1 cells swim northward from right to left in a uniform magnetic field. Three of them (tracks 1 to 3) swim directly across the view field of about 152 μm, whereas the other 8 encounter the agarose aggregate. The frame interval is 0.017 s, the duration of the record is 5.66 s and 333 frames in total.


Movie S3. Squeezing and circumventing obstacles. This movie shows the trajectory of a north-seeking MO-1 cell to squeeze through or circumvent obstacles in a uniform magnetic field of 1.5 Gs. The swimming was recorded at 59 fps with a 100X objective.

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