Fig. S1. Genes of interest to this study in (a) P. aeruginosa PAO1 and (b) P. pseudoalcaligenes CECT 5344. Note that the sir/nir and the orf1 genes are homologous to PA4130 and PA4129, showing 54% and 37% amino acid identities respectively. The putative translation start site of the PA4131 homologue in P. aeruginosa PA14 has been relocated by a recent RNAseq analysis and is indicated by a dotted line (Wurtzel et al., 2012). Arrows indicate promoters based on the 5′ UTRs obtained in the same study. HP, hypothetical protein.


Table S1. Growth and cyanide production of P. aeruginosa mutants.

Table S2. Strains, plasmids and primers used in this study.

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