Experimental procedure.

Fig. S1. Bacteria titre in the co-incubaction of flagellates, bacteria and viruses (dash lines), or bacteria and viruses only (solid lines) – (a) G. truncate, (b) Salpingoeca sp. and (c) T. coloniensis.

Fig. S2. Micrographs of Salpingoeca sp. using high-resolution interference contrast microscopy. The arrow points at the filtration apparatus. The screen between the individual microvilli rages from 0 to 0.5 μm, which allows efficiently capturing viral-size particles and transporting them to the collar (Picture H. Arndt).

Fig. S3. Phages MS2 removal rate by flagellates T. coloniensis either with less phages were added (107 pfu ml−1; dash lines) or 100-fold more phages (109 pfu ml−1; solid lines). Infectious and free MS2 phages were quantified in co-incubation of flagellates, bacteria and viruses (triangle), or only bacteria and viruses (square).

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