Fig. S1. CSKM and PSKM biclusterings for Danube Meadow Data.

Fig. S2. Arable bryophyte cluster concentration ratios, with 24 species clusters and 28 sample clusters.

Fig. S3. Cluster hierarchy for 24 species groups shown in Fig. S2.

Fig. S4. Cluster hierarchy for liverwort analysis PSKM W1; each cluster is identified by a key species and a theme.

Fig. S5. Bicluster totals and individual cell concentrations for Liverwort dataset, PSKM W1 analysis.

Fig. S6. Individual cell concentrations (observed/expected) for Native Vascular Plant dataset, PSKM W1 analysis.

Table S1. Themes of species clusters emerging from the analyses of the liverwort dataset.

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