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Table S1. anova of the effect of tagging methods on mortality of P. exigua measured as the percentage of dead starfish at the end of the experiment.

Table S2. Analyses of the effect of tagging techniques on changes in radius and wet mass of P. exigua.

Table S3. anova of the effect of tagging techniques on the righting response of P. exigua.

Table S4. anova of the effect of tagging techniques on the normal and escape speeds of P. exigua.

Table S5. Methods applied to tag echinoderms containing information of the type of the tag used, area of the body that was tagged, duration of the tag (i.e. time that the tag remained in more than 50% of individuals or time of the experiment or time described in the paper; ‘ncs’ means that the information is not clearly stated in the paper), effects of the tag evaluated on the animal (* means that there was a significant effect of the tag on the animal) and study reference.

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