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Appendix S1. Additional examples.

Figure A1. Comparison of Maxent predictions for different values of Maxent's τ parameter.

Figure A2. (a) Comparison of cell rankings of 12 082 points (with multiple records occurring within a cell) from the full PO data set (used to build the GLM) between Maxlike and Maxent for the Carolina wren model shown in Fig. 2. (b) Comparison of predicted cumulative values for the same PA data as (a). There is a larger disparity in the ranking of low suitability cells, deriving from Maxent's more spatially diffuse predictions.

Figure A3. Comparison of relative OP predictions Maxlike and Maxent for simulated data.

mee312152-sup-0002-DataS1.rtext/r16KData S1. R script files ‘maxlike simulated data’.
mee312152-sup-0003-DataS2.rtext/r18KData S2. R script files maxlike wren data.

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